A hacky way to install custom dictionaries on desktop onlyoffice


Onlyoffice is an alternative to Microsoft Office and to LibreOffice. While it’s not as feature-rich as MS Office or LibreOffice, it has advantages over both options. It’s better than MS Office in terms of platform support and price as it’s possible to use onlyoffice free of charge. Libreoffice is also free of charge and free software. It also supports widely different platforms, but there is one thing where onlyoffice is light years away from LibreOffice. It’s stability, and I’m talking specifically about the writer software that both suites offer. This is at least the case when you are working with docx files. Crashes and inconsistent are a regular occurrence and make LibreOffice writer unusable.

And now to the topic of this article: installing custom dictionaries to desktop onlyoffice. As of writing, this article onlyoffice doesn’t have a very wide range of dictionaries available. And there is no official way to add dictionaries on the desktop. Even lack of this functionality it’s possible to use custom dictionaries. It’s very hacky and inconvenient as it’s done by replacing existing dictionaries with the desired custom dictionary.

The following steps work for Arch Linux. Other distributions should be about the same but may differ.

That’s all about it! Now you should have working spell checking which uses the new dictionaries.

After finishing editing, you’ll have to change every time the language back to the real language, if you want it to be saved as the language of the document.